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Some details about how to contribute to the Knowledge Base, who we are, and some technical considerations.

[a] How to contribute and how to contact us
For contents control reasons, all your submissions are carefully reviewed by the Ericsson T28 Knowledge Base before being put online. This policy, although restrictive, allows increased quality for the contents, avoids double input, and much more. 

We however strongly encourage knowledge sharing: it is your input that makes the essence (and we do mean the essence) of the T28 Knowledge Base. If you have got a tip, an experience, a question to share with other regular visitors of the T28 Knowledge Base, you can submit your contribution by e-mail at t28s@lpvs.net, or by fax or voicemail at +32 2 610 76 03 (this is a belgian phone number open 24/7, standard international rates apply).

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[b] Who we are

You will probably find a lot of answers to your questions in the site's FAQ. We would like to emphasize that this is an unofficial website and that it is in no way related with Ericsson. For more official information about Ericsson, just check out their website.

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[c] Technical considerations

This site was created for viewing with last generation browsers. It works successfully with Internet Explorer 6.0, and Netscape Navigator 6.0. For some strange reason, this site works (really) better under Microsoft Internet Explorer. The information remains the same, so don't fear to miss something. 

Use preferably a 800x600 screen resolution at least. Recommended resolution is 1024x768 or higher. 

The site does not make use of cookies, and is not storing any piece of personal data, except for the notable exception of the newsletter subscription. Refer to the Mailing Base homepage for more details about how we respect your privacy when collecting your e-mail addresses. 

If you encounter problems in using the T28 Knowledge Base (dead links, script errors, HTML errors), or if you are using an exotic browser and want to give us the results of your experiences, we would love to hear from you. Send us an e-mail and we will try to update our site accordingly.

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Help of the site

Read the FAQ : a comprehensive list of the most asked questions about the website. What it is, what is not, and much more 

The T28 Mailing Base 

If you are searching for an easy and convenient way of being kept up to date about the news of the Ericsson T28s Knowledge Base, you might want  to suscribe to our mailing list. We send you ... More

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