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Ericsson T28

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Most useful tips & tricks for the T28

Some tips displayed here are using "<" and">" in keypad combinations. These signs are standing respectivelyfor the "left/up" and "right/down" arrows used to navigatein the menus.

Tips marked with a are tips which have been sent by anexternal contributor (all tips are being reviewed by the T28 Knowledge Base).  

Software version check
To check the software version installed on your phone, press > *< < * < * (Yes) (Yes). This will bring you to the "softwareinfo" menu. Your software version is displayed under the form of a tendigits figure. The first six digits are the date of the software under theYYMMDD format. Latest version for T28s seems to be 010627 (27 June 01); if you have got amore recent release or info about software releases for T28 world, contact us. The four following digits are internal (forinstance, 1610 for the 010627 version). The second line looks like "prgCXC125115" and has no real interest for end-users. 

Call diversion 
Suppose you do not want to accept an incoming call, but that you arein automatic answering mode (the phone takes the call when you open the flip). Avery easy way to divert the incoming call to your voicemail or to make thecaller hear a busy tone (depending on your configuration at your networkprovider's side) is to slide the volume controls on the side of the phonetwice. 

IMEI check
Check your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity, the unique IDnumber of your phone) by dialling *#06# from the standby mode of your T28. Ifyou are not sure of the origin of your phone, check that the IMEI you receivefrom the software side and the one which is written on the phone's sticker,under the battery, are consistent. IMEI is largely used by manufacturers,service providers and phone sellers to identify phones when they are beingrepaired, upgraded, sold or whatever. Your IMEI's 6 first digits are the TAC(Type Approval Code), of which the 2 firsts are the country code (52 for myT28). The 2 next digits are the FAC (Final Assembly Code, 61 for Ericsson, 51for Nokia). The 6 next digits are your phone's serial number (unique ID).

Dial > * < < * < * > from the standby mode to come to theso-called "service menu". This menu offers a whole range of functions.Since version 000615, a set of tests was added (LED, display, microphone, flipand even a counter on how many times the flip was opened). On recent softwares(mine is dated from 13/12/00), the service menu is made of three main categories: service info (information about software version, phone configuration,simlocking status), service tests (display, LED and lighting, keyboard,vibrating alert, ring, speaker and realtime clock), and text codes (alist of all messages displayed by the phone, without write access). 

Locking status 
The SIM locking status of the phone you are using can also be checkedby pressing < * * < on the keypad. 

Switchingback to English 
One of your good friends found it funny to switch your phone's language to someunknown idiom (Russian, Arabic and Hungarian are pretty good choices in thisperspective, Finnish does it well too) ? There is an easy way to switch back toEnglish you are probably much more confident with. In standby mode, press <8888 >. To switch back to the automatic language of your SIM card (it is mostprobably English too), try < 0000 >. It seems that on the T28 world, it isthe "old" key stroke which works, i.e. *#0000#. 

When storing numbers, you can replace the suggested position by ## to use thefirst memory position available in the phone instead of the first SIM memoryposition. 

Redial last number
To redial the last number you called, you can either dial 0# on your keypad, orpress "Yes" twice.

Battery level indication  
When your phone is turned off, you can check the battery level by pressing the'No' key quickly once and then waiting for the battery level
to show up in the display at its normal position.

At the first glance, the T28 antenna does not seem to be removable. Old Ericssonmodels used to have screwable antennas, but the T28 does not. The proper way of removing the aerial is to pull/push it sideways away from the phone until you hear a click. Then pull upwards and the antenna will come out easily. 

Shortcutto your favorite function  
This one is a must. There is a very easy way to have a convenient, one-keyshortcut to the function you are using the most on your phone. Just add thatfunction to your "Shortcuts" menu using the normal procedure, and besure to put it in first position. The first item of your "Shortcuts"menu will be available from the standby mode by pressing < for a long time.Now THAT's great* (Calvin) !

If you choose to use the personalized greeting messageat the startup of the phone, you can have your message scrolling up from thebottom of the screen when you turn the phone off. To do so, simply begin yourmessage with 3 linefeeds (linefeeds are obtained by pressing 2 times on the #key when composing messages). 

Voicedialling activation  
If you make frequent use of the voice dialling feature of the T28, you mightfind it useful to know that there are different ways to activate the voicedialling. One is to keep the "Yes" key down for a longer time, anotheris to keep the volume slide up or down for a while. You can also have thisfeature activated by default when you open the flip in standby mode (menu 4-9-2: Settings>Voice control>Automatic mode). 

Easyway to your address book
When you are in standby mode, to quickly access your phone book at adefinded letter, just press the key corresponding to this letter for a while.You'll be taken to the address book at the beginning of the records for thisletter (e.g. 'J' for '5'). This is very useful to avoid to scroll down all youraddress book. 

Speed dial
Did you know this ? To speed dial one of your first nine numbers stored inmemory, just dial the position and <YES> in the standby mode. To speeddial any of your stored numbers, dial the position followed by # and<YES>.  

Adjusting the volume
When you are in a conversation. you just have to slide the volume button toadjust the volume the way you want it. But did you know that when you are inthat menu, pushing key 1...8 will immediately adjust your volume to thecorresponding level ? This is useful when you have to adjust the level from veryhigh to very low, for instance.

Calling with the flipclosed  
Did you know that you can use your T28 with the flip closed ? Whenyou are in conversation, you can slide the volume button (this button is reallya multi-purpose one) when closing the flip, and you will not hang up. As thereseem to be a microphone on the outside of the flip as well, you will be able tospeak perfectly well.

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